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Tells of a former Scorpion soldier named "Emil Kovac" who at that time, went to an area called Belgrade in Serbia to meet with one of his informants to get a film from an American military veteran and a former NATO soldier named Colonel Benjamin Ford. Ford has escaped to a cabin that is in a place in the Appalachian mountains to forget the war. Because for him, the pernag he had followed for so many years made him really traumatized. He was afraid of such a state of war. So he escaped and hid in a cabin in a place where there is no human. Then after some time he tried to be alone and calm himself from the turmoil he experienced, he met with Kovac, who pretended to be a tourist and claimed to be on a trip for a vacation. At first Ford was not at all suspicious of Kovac and they were both good friends with each other. They share many things. Until then, one day, Kovac told Ford about his true identity. After knowing it, Ford was surprised. Kovac told Ford that he was seeking revenge on someone who had ruined his life and said he needed help from Ford. They both then did a game of cat and mouse with Ford. Then the game ended badly because it made both of them hurt. Kovac who assisted oled Ford, then reached an agreement to make peace. They both then understand each other and after getting it, Kovac decided to return to Serbia and live his life. While Ford visited his son and met with his grandson to finally he baptized his grandson.

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