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Unlike the Little Letters for God (2011), Fajar Bustomi's work (From London to Bali, Instant Swordsman, Mode) does not adapt the novel story of Agnes Davonar except when Little Angel (Izzati Khanza) wrote a letter to God. Another equation is related to the goal of tearing the audience as much as possible and as often as possible. So vigorous, until the first half is like the unification of moments of agony rather than cohesive flow. Upi's script is always looking for a way of infiltrating Angel's life and his brother, Anton (Bima Azriel), who after escaping the torture of their uncle, was forced to beg on the street under the command of Oom Rudi (Lukman Sardi).

Oom Rudi who collects the children as beggars under the guise of shelter no doubt act hard hit with wood, buried his head in water, attaching hot irons to them if failed to raise money on target. But in the hands of Fajar Bustomi, the activity of two kinds of children playing swing together was a dramatic situation, complete with slow motion, as well as children's songs of magnificent version made by Andhika Triyadi. There's only one emotion trying to get it: sad. There is only one condition: suffering. Make it just a tearjerker, not a deep observation of the lives of street childr
Then there was an event that separated Angel and Anton. Several years later, Angel (Bunga Citra Lestari) lives in Australia with foster parents, working as a defense lawyer for victims of violence and crimes against humanity. Ahead of marriage with a doctor named Martin (Joe Taslim), arose desire on Angel back to Indonesia in search of Anton. From this point the groove begins to creep in. At least there was a curiosity investigation process about Anton's whereabouts and the secret of Oom Rudi, although the narrative's weaknesses remained scattered, as did the inviter questioning the validity of legal facts when the police released the fugitives due to lack of evidence. There is also a resemblance to the Lion in the story of street children separated from family followed by searching process, location in Australia, to physical similarity of Bima Azriel and Sunny Pawar.en.

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