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Fidget Spinner

While sitting in a KRL train, waiting for food at a restaurant, or maybe during a break at school, you may see someone twisting a small object in hand, and the scene is increasingly being found.
It's called a spinner fidget. Toys are becoming popular in Indonesia, among children to adulthood, early this year 2017.
Spinner is claimed to help relieve stress or increase focus for people who are hyperactive and have a habit of fidgeting (fingers can not be silent or shaking from anxiety, boredom and fear).
The sensory satisfaction gained from the momentum and the movement it generates when spinning becomes the key.
However, it is still debated. Even abroad, many schools forbid the use of spinner because it is considered to interfere with the concentration of students.
Then is it true that this toy was originally created to prevent Palestinian children from throwing stones?
Catherine Hettinger, the woman who was considered the initial inventor of the spinner, when interviewed by Money early last May, admitted one of her inspirations made the spinner was when she saw Palestinian boys throwing rocks at Israeli police.
The incident that he witnessed during a visit to Israel in the 1980s was inspiring his heart to make alternative media for the children to channel their energy or emotion.
Finally the 62-year-old woman decided to make a toy called "Spinning De-stressor Finger Toy".
Wait a minute. Spinning De-stressor Finger Toy?
Yes, the Spinning De-stressor Finger Toy and the spinner fidget are seen to have similar functions and similar names. But in terms of the mechanics and structures that shape it, and how to use them, the two toys are distinctly different.

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