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Zainuddin Nafarin, commonly known as STC or Zai. He is the inventor of local antivirus SmadAV, he was a pupil of Pahandut Secondary High School in 2006. Smadav created not because he love the alma mater, but because of the beginning, by accident, he knew Visual Basic in the computer laboratory SMAN 2 Palangkaraya in mid-2006. After that, Zainuddin Nafarin began to try to learn it, and beberaoa months after that, created SmadAV v1.0. However, due to his busy life in the Mathematics Olympiad, SmadAV's development was finally postponed until 2008. SmadAV was first created in the city of Palangkaraya, but the location of its development takes place in the area of ​​Jogjakarta due to busy lectures at the Faculty of Computer Science Gadjah Mada University. SmadAV began he developed in October 2006. Since there are some friends who asked Zainuddin to clean the computer from local viruses are quite annoying. In fact, Zainuddin himself is also still quite common about local virus at the time. There are 2 that annoy him, first his own local virus. Secondly, because Zainuddin Nafarin had to come to the home of each of Zainuddin Nafarin's friends to help clean up his local virus on his computer manually. Because it is, inevitably he must want to friend Zainuddin Nafarin still helped and Zainuddin did not have to bother anymore, since then Zainuddin began to develop applications SmadAV. The Origin of SmadAV Name Zainuddin Nafarin named it SmadAV, because SMA Zainuddin Nafarin is SMAN 2 Palangkaraya, commonly called Smada. So, SmadAV was impregnated from the word Smada + AV (Smada Antivirus). He took the word Smada because Zainuddin just started studying programming since the beginning of class XI. Zainuddin Nafarin developed SmadAV since October 2006, until it finally stopped in May 2007 and started again now. Because in May 2007, he attended the provincial mathematics olympiad. He thought to temporarily concentrate on the Olympics. However, since Zainuddin escaped to the National level, he had to concentrate until October 2007. After the end, Zainuddin also think it has not been possible to re-develop SmadAV, because at that time Zainuddin had to get ready for the national exam. After all ended, Zainuddin finally signed up and accepted at UGM majoring in Mathematics, Zainuddin Nafarin thought this time is the right time to develop SmadAV.

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