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Tells the story of a middle-aged woman named Marry Bee Cuddy (Hilary Swank). Cuddy lives alone in the rigors of the Nebraska desert life. Nebraska itself is known as a place that is not friendly to anyone who mentally weak. But Cuddy is able to survive there and be self-sufficient over the people who had been considered weak. The success and breadth of the land he owns does not guarantee that Cuddy's life will be happy. In fact Cuddy is always rejected by the men because he looks not considered pretty enough to make their wife. However, it does not necessarily make her a crybaby, because it is this steel mentality that makes Cuddy a tough woman. He is able to break the stigma that women are weak. He also became an active woman in the neighborhood where he lived.

Apparently not all women living in Nebraska have a mental like Cuddy. Once there was a priest who was looking for volunteers to bring three girls who almost went crazy. Of course this is not wasted by Cuddy. He volunteered himself to take the three of them to Lowa. The place where the three girls can return to their parents.

After doing all kinds of preparations, Cuddy and the three girls went to Lowa. In the middle of the journey Cuddy and his entourage met a man named George Briggs (Tommy Lee Jones). It was not an ordinary meeting, because at that moment George was sitting on a horse with a throat caught in a rope. George was being hanged at the time, because of his mistake, which he claimed to have seized other people's land.

Of course Cuddy who was then passed directly by George asked for help. Cuddy did not immediately help to free George from his punishment. However, Cuddy presented a condition to George before he released him. Eventually Georgepun agreed to accept the terms. George had to protect Cuddy with his entourage during the trip. And sure enough, during the trip to Lowa, they kept getting unexpected obstacles.

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