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Tells the story of a couple who have just got married. They are Zach (Zach Gilford) and Samantha (Allison Miller). Of course this moment is a very happy moment for both of them. Moreover Samantha who already has no family anymore. Finally he was able to start a family again. Of course this happy moment can not be missed. Zach who often capture every special moments with Samantha even this did not waste this. He always records everything using his small camera. It had become Zach's habit.

And after marriage, the couple who was in love this drunk decided to honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. No one would have thought that their honeymoon plan would both end tragically, as did Zach and Samantha. They both believe that this honeymoon will add another collection of their happiness moments. However, the disaster has just begun.

Unbeknownst to both of them, they have been targeted by a mob of cult sects. An anti-Christ sect that used to worship devils. When they both arrived in the Dominican Republic, they boarded a taxi to reach their destination. The driver who initially treated both of them instantly became very pushy to take Zach and Samantha to a mysterious place. At first they were reluctant to obey the driver's request. However, because the insistence of the driver eventually with a heavy heart they want. With great fear of shadow, they arrived at the place.

And begins mysterious events begin to haunt them both. After returning from the place, Samantha is pregnant. Obviously this surprised her, because Samantha always took the antidote. But this reality is accepted by both of them as a gift. But after a while, Zach realized that something was wrong with his wife. She was not like Samantha she used to know. Samantha whom she now saw likes to eat raw animal flesh and sometimes possessed by supernatural spirits. Zach always records his wife's weird behavior. Zachpun finally find out what really happened to his wife.

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