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Episode: 26 Episode
Genres: ActionAdventureComedyDramaSci-FiSpace
Skor: 8.83 (scored by 233,315 users)
Producers: Bandai Visual, FUNimation Entertainment, Bandai Entertainment, Sunrise
Season: Spring 1998
Japanese: カウボーイビバップ

synopsis :
In 2071 in the future, humans were expelled from the world where they live. Mankind then choose other stars as their final frontier. With the advent of various races and peoples from many parts of the former country that has collapsed, they spread to the stars with the concept of freedom, violence, illegality and love ambiguous. So that new regulations and a new generation of criminals appeared. People call him Cowboy. A story about Spike and Jet, the destitute and the cyborg police chase fugitive begin operations in return. Together modifications ship named "The Bebop", Spike and Jet roam the galaxy to hunt down criminals with rewards attached to them. Met many unusual characters, including unusually smart dog, Ein and sexy woman, tease but annoying, Faye Valentine. s

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